Saturday, March 15, 2008

6-mile Saturday


Damn you, Shopko hill, for causing my first mile to be absolutley dismal. I did made it about a quarter-mile farther up the hill than my past attempts, but I just couldn't hang on any farther. My legs were lungs were on fire and I was at point where I could walk it faster than I was running, so I just gave up and walked for a few minutes until my heart rate came back down and my legs felt better. I was able to run the remainder of the hill once I got that under control. The rest of my run was uneventful, despite the weather being cold, windy and snowy. Also, I should have eaten more than just a granola bar before I left, because it was burned off by the time I finished the first mile and the hill of doom and I spent the remaining 5 miles fantasizing about cheeseburgers and fries. Once I hit 6-miles and my run was over, I called Josh and he picked me up and we went directly to Arby's and I had....a salad. I just couldn't bring myself to blow the 600 calories I burned on a fast-food burger and fries. *sigh* Anyway, that's it for this week.


Blogger tom said...

Burger & fries!!! I usually start craving potato chips at some point.


March 19, 2008 10:50:00 PM EDT  

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