Saturday, September 13, 2008

Testing out the legs

My legs are feeling pretty good now, and I'm completely pain free walking up & down stairs so I decided to go for a little run today.  I went for around a mile, then it started to rain so I bagged it.

My left leg felt great, my right leg felt just okay. There was something there which I wouldn't classify as pain. Maybe tightness? I dunno. I wore the compression brace I picked up last week and I kept on taking it off, then putting it back on to see if I noticed a difference. I can't really say that I did.

I was pretty careful to not run up any hills, even the little ones. One thing I noticed is that after doing nothing exercise related for over a week, my legs feel pretty heavy. I need to get my ass on my bike and get them moving again before I start to lose muscle.

So now, as I lay here on my bed with my feet propped against the wall, both lower legs wrapped in ice packs and compression bandages, bloggity blogging away, I'm wondering if running next weekend is going to be worth all the effort I'm taking.

Maybe I should just forget about it and spend exorbitant amounts of money at the mall!


Finally, here are some gratuitous shots of Simon being way too cute.


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