Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And my legs were like... WTF??!!

I had an annoying day at work and kicking my cats is not a optional stress-relieving activity, so I decided I might as well go for a run.

I should add that the last time I ran was for the Fox Cities HM on September 21.  That's over 30 days.

My legs were obviously enjoying their hiatus and they were like...

WTF do you think you're doing?  After everything you put us through this spring and summer, you want to start this shit again??  We're on vacation!

In fact, if you insist on continuing with this ridiculousness, we're going to make each one of our muscles complain loudly.


And that pretty much sums up my run.  Well, that and 3.02 miles in33:50 for 11:13 average pace.

Oh yeah, it was also nasty cold and windy.

Afterwards, Josh and I went out for a healthy dinner of Bell's Oktoberfest and popcorn at the Dog.



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