Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow, snow, snow

The white stuff is here and it's probably here to stay.  As a result, I've run approximately zero miles this week.  But it sure hasn't been from lack of trying!  Every day this week I planned on going but I either had to work late or it was too stormy to go.  So frustrating!

We're heading down to Iowa to visit Josh's grandma next week.  While we're there, I'm planning on visiting a specialty running store to see if I need to change shoes.  I'm still experiencing some mild discomfort in the lower calf/Achilles area and I'm thinking that my shoes might be too firm in the heel.  They say have video gait analysis, so I'll run for them on the treadmill and see what they have to say.  It's supposed to be nice in the area next week, so I'm also hoping to get some runs in, too.

On the way back, we're going to stay the night in Madison, WI and visit the New Glarus Brewery, which is located just South of Madison.  New Glarus's beer is not sold in Michigan (BOO) and we're only able to get it when we go to Wisconsin or Minnesota.  So, being able to visit the brewery is a real treat.

In home improvement news, I bought a whole-house humidifier which arrived today.  It'll attach to the furnace and, in theory, bring the humidity level in my house up to a normal level.  I have forced air heat and it's so drying in the winter.  My skin is itchy, my plants need constant watering and everything is staticy, including my cats!

In new website news, Josh finally got everything moved on to the new server and he's looking into installing my blogging software.  Maybe I'll actually have my domain up & running by the end of the year.  If I do, you, my loyal reader(s), will be the first to know!


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