Friday, December 12, 2008

Dueling snowblowers

We were only 30 minutes from being done with snow yesterday when Dorf came home. I thought that maybe he'd notice how close we were to finishing and not start his snow removal until we were done. WRONG.

The remaining half hour was spent mostly waiting for him. His snow blower has a top speed of 1 mph, and it kept on stalling. I'd been running my Yooper scoop doing cleanup, but I got the boot when Dorf decided to join in the fun. There's hardly enough room for two people out there, let alone three. So, I was able to sneak a few pictures while they were dueling.

Dorf chugs along, Josh waits

Dueling snowblowers

Eek! It's the abominable snowman! Pretty cute, no?

When we were finished, we made and ate dinner and watched a bit of tv and Dorf was STILL outside doing his snow. I think it took him 2 hours to finish.



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