Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Morcillo...and my new family ;)

So, some of you may know of my recent fear of morcillo (blood pudding). Well, I have some humor for you that happened in my new family (I moved after two weeks and I LOVE it). The father is a meat-preparer and for those of you now know me best, meat is not my first love. I find this humorous. Then, on the first day I had a main meal with the whole family (and even some visiting extended family) - we had it. I saw it laughing at me on the plate before me as I ate my first course of soup....the morcillo. The quick prayer of "Lord, I'll get it down if you keep it down" ran through my head and I eyed the other options of chorizo (amazing spicy sausage), and a sweeter cut of sausage. Yup. I had it. The whole thing. Catch me on a good day and I may even have it again. This is for all of you who THINK you can eat some pretty crazy things. This girl has you beat!!!! (pictures will come soon).