Sunday, May 4, 2008

Trailer and running: check

We hauled the trailer home in a snowstorm yesterday. A snowstorm in May! Honestly.

It's pretty much ready to go. I didn't have much more to do other than put the stuff back in it. I cleaned it really well last fall before it went into storage so I didn't have much to do on that front. A big bonus was that we successfully plugged all the holes where the mice were getting in and I didn't have any mice poop to clean up this year. The only thing I really had to do was take the bedding home and wash it all, which I did last night. It's ready to go back in the trailer. There are a few things that Josh wants to do before we leave - check the wheel bearings and tire pressure, and grease the jacks and hitch. Oh, and my Tahoe needs it's oil changed and the summer tires put on. Hmm. I guess we're not doing as well as I thought we were. Oh well, still lots of time.

I got my 10-mile run in this morning. The first six miles went pretty well. Then when I turned the corner from Denton Road onto US41 toward Houghton I was met with a gale-force wind and the last four miles completely sucked. The wind relentless! I had to keep my head down to use the brim of my hat as a buffer because when I didn't, the wind made my eyes water. My legs were aching trying to keep my forward momentum and finally, with about a mile left to go and mentally and physically exhausted, I gave up and turned around and ran the last bit with the wind. I felt completely exhausted when I finished. More so than when I ran my 9-miler out to Chassell and that was completely uphill! I've decided that I'll take uphills over wind any day. That's my last long run before next weekend. I'll probably run three days next week, but only a couple of miles each time.

My hip didn't bother me too much, just enough to remind me that it was there. My blister situation is much improved, but I did get two small ones on my big toes. I'm not worried about them, I'll just tape up my toes on race day and I'll be just fine.

Six days to go!

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