Friday, November 21, 2008

Roma, oh Roma...

Wow, it is truly difficult to imbibe the history that sets above (and below) this city. We have had the amazing oppotunity to see the Colossium where so many lost their lives for another's entertainment, the Catabcombs that housed so many who died but also extended the lives of the many Christians who sought refuges in its mazes, the Vatican, and the incredible Sistine Chapel. Saint Peter's Basilitca - which served to remind me how we, as humans, so easily get caught up in exanerating other humans whne the real purpose of the church is to worship the God to whom it all belongs anyway. We also saw so many beautiful fountains, piazzas, ancient ruins, and tasted the fresh water fountains that run drinkable water throughout the city. The Pantheon, the Fourm, and even Paul's supposed prison were also on our list as the ancient history of it all is still so sureal.

Don't worry thought, we managed to get in gelato and pizza as well. (Note: this wa not all accomplished in a single day. Id on't care who you are but you would be absolutely insane if you thought you could see it in one day trip :) - the Vatican tour, which we managed to receive for free (thanks to Sarah) was a bit over 3 hours alone!!