Monday, July 7, 2008

Not even gonna question it this time

Three miles in 29:50

Mile 1 - 9:52
Mile 2 - 9:52
Mile 3 - 9:55

Kick ASS

Followed by 6-ish miles on the bike.

Socks - yellow Smartwool micros
Tape - none
Result - no issues

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Not that I'm complaining, but how did that happen?!

I ran last night.

Three miles to from my house to Josh's office.

Didn't really set out to run fast.

I just wanted to get a run in.

Garmin said 10:04 for the first mile.

No big deal, most of it was down hill.

Garmin said 10:01 for the second mile.

Hrm. That's flat. It does feel like I'm running faster and my stride is longer. But.....

Garmin must be screwed up.


Garmin said 9:54 for the last mile.


How is that even possible?

My legs are short and stubby. They just don't go that fast.

And now the best.....

Garmin said that my average pace for those three miles was 9:59 minute/miles.

This is the fastest I've ever run. EVER.

And the best thing was that when I was done, I only sort of felt like puking.

That means that I can run that fast. I just don't push myself enough to do it.

And even if Garmin was somehow screwed up...

I'm keeping it.

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