Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Special Evening!

...a welcomed event. In the midst of teaching English, learning Bahasah, researching and building relationships, and just living life (which seems to take a lot more energy), I found myself enjoying a wonderful evening in honor of the Class of 2005 at Dalat International School. This night of beautiful gowns, great entertainment, big smiles, food and friends - all in Hollywood style - was put on by Dalat's junior class and sponsers. It is crazy to think that not soo long ago, I was going to these functions because I was in school, but it is great to see how the younger generations are getting older and turning into some really neat individuals. I have had not only the priveledge to see the ministry that Julia, Steve, and so many others have in the student's lives, but also the blessing of hearing the students acknowledge the time invested in them.

Fun times at JSB with Gabriel, Julia, and Steve - it was really a great night!! Posted by Hello

You know I can't get away from this fixation - at least the playground in the background seems appropriate. Posted by Hello

Yes, you know she wouldn't be my close friend unless she could pose like this. Posted by Hello

Lyn, a teacher at Dalat and frequent teammate in various sports activites, and I prove that we can clean up well! Posted by Hello

Yes, even here mischief gets the best of us (Julia and I). People just shouldn't leave their cars parked places overnight. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Singapore and back

I recently had the opportunity to go to Singapore!! Wow, talk about shopping. If you are looking for anything at all in the electronic, computer, IT part of your life, Singapore is the place! They have whole malls just devoted to anything electronic. It was quite overwhelming but kind of fun after I scoped the whole place out and came back with a game plan. I also shopped for other things - a lot of time was spent finding the things that one cannot find here where I am presently. This includes anything low fat or diet or even certain chocolates and candies. I was sent on a mission to find Easter candy - specifically Cadberry Cream Eggs - but came up empty handed (the only Easter candy I found were Peeps). It's all good though, because I found dark chocolate (every girl's craving). Actually, I am very thankful for this trip - the Lord truly brought it at the right time. He knew I needed a brief break and a time to relax, eat American (Subway, Long John Silver's, Burger King), and have some fun shopping (don't even get me started on the clothes shopping there). Don't get any ideas - I do work long and hard :)

Monday, April 11, 2005

Orchard Road in Singapore - the shopping mecca Posted by Hello