Friday, December 09, 2005

The Power of a Saree

So, I have discovered the power of wearing a saree to an Indian wedding. My statistics show that when one wears a saree to a wedding, particularly as a caucasion, one has a 99.95% chance of being drafted to take part in the ceremonies. Though this particular occasion with Thini's cousin's wedding was less involving that last weekend with Umma's brother, I was still involved. There is a certain part in the wedding where all the women will come down the center isle carrying a candle before the bride/groom (depends on which side you are on). It was really interesting and kinda fun!! I got to talk to a lot of the members of the groom's side (since it was the groom that was Thini's cousin). The more weddings I go to, since it is the season now for weddings, the more I learn and the more fun they are. One thing is always for sure...weddings have the very best Indian food a person can find, so, when invited, make sure you clear your schedule to go with your Indian friends!! :)

Thini, her extended family, and I before the big event. Posted by Picasa

Jenn, David, Corrie, (good friends from KL) and I with the bride and groom. Posted by Picasa

The bride coming back on stage for the final steps of the ceremony. Posted by Picasa