Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Around Starbucks...

Julia is back!! Posted by Picasa

Who says you have to get paid to be a Starbuck's employee. I also learned how to make the Americano coffee drink tonight. There's surely more to come! Posted by Picasa

Michelle comes back!!!

The Boomerang slide at the waterpark - yes, you ride a tube and throw yourself vertically over the edge and scream your head off. If you are too large, there really is nothing keeping you on it - yes, something else you can't do in the States!! Posted by Picasa

Umma and I at "work." Too much fun! Posted by Picasa

Michelle and I with our clown friend at a waterpark on the mainland - he was fun, but I bet he doesn't know I put antlers on him Posted by Picasa

Thini feeding the gigantic tortoise!! (I know I spelled that wrong.) Wouldn't be able to do that in the States! Posted by Picasa

I know that they don't look real, but yes, we are petting the big tortoises - it helps to be nice to the groundskeeper!! Posted by Picasa

Ok, so, this is a huge plantain - the biggest "banana" I've ever seen! It was fun and delicious with coconut milk and brown sugar (by the way it has to be cooked!). Posted by Picasa

This is me with my "coach" - the coach of the Penang State girls soccer team - and his beautiful family! Posted by Picasa

This van is full of durian - the stinkiest fruit known to man - this van will officially never smell properly again. Posted by Picasa

So, we decided to explore the tea plantations. The fields are pretty say the least... Posted by Picasa

Michelle and I in the midst of the beautiful Cameron Highlands! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Michelle comes back!!!

Man, I thought I was pretty special to have my best friend visit me while I live sooo far away from the United States. Then, she visited me again!! I guess that is one of the amazing perks about having your best friend work in Hong Kong for a year!! We had a “great time of fellowship” as many ministers would say, but those of you who know us best, know what kind of “fellowship” we are capable of. It was awesome to get to see her, and even more awesome to have everyone together hanging out – I’ll just let the pictures do the talking this time!