Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Umma's Graduation (September 2005)

Me and the family at Umma's graduation in September. Posted by Picasa

It's Wedding Time

This past weekend I was able to take part in an Indian wedding. Umma's older brother, Ganassen was married to Ramoune, a Lithuanian. We had such a fun time with festivities and dinners before and after the wedding!

The evening before, a ceremony takes place where all the aunts come and bless the couple in prayers at the home. A celebration proceeds of good food and good company. Other preparations include preparing the henna designs on the bride's hands and feet. Henna is made from crushing the leaves of a certain tree and making it into a paste. It is applied to any part of the body like one would frost a cake. Once dry, the stains or "tattoo" will last for about 2 weeks. The designs of henna are beautiful and intricate.

Many steps are put into the Indian wedding. There are many prayers and blessings that the priest must do for the bride and groom individually and separately, ending in the exchange of toe rings - the Indians' wedding band - and the placing of the talley (a gold colored string that remains around the neck of the wife for life). Following the ceremony is an excellent display of photography with all family members, food, fun, loud music, and fellowship! What a great and tiring day!!

All of us girls!! Posted by Picasa

Umma with her younger sister, older brother and wife, older sister, and.... me!! Posted by Picasa

The placing of the rings - on the feet of course! Toe rings have different meaning among Indians - you can thank them for their popularity - it is their wedding band! Posted by Picasa

Right before the grand entrance. The bride will enter with her "maid of honor" and special aunties and friends follow behind. I was able to be in the procession - how fun!! Posted by Picasa

A close up example of some of the beautiful designs of henna! Posted by Picasa

Preparing the henna - a temporary "tattoo" that the bride wears in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies. Henna lasts for about 2 weeks and is lots of fun to do! Posted by Picasa

Lady's Conference in Bangkok!

My good friend Jenn and I had a little fun shopping for her daughter!! Posted by Picasa

I got to eat at Hard Rock Cafe - Bangkok! Yeah for the Pig Sandwich!! Posted by Picasa

Thini and I at a dance festival and fashion show at the Hindu Temple of Fine Arts Posted by Picasa

East Meets West Fashion Show

The fashion show part Posted by Picasa